Prévention officer: how to keep up with innovations in the PPE world?

5 May 2022

As a prevention consultant, you are at the heart of safety. You implement the regulations on health and safety at work. But how can you keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in the PPE world?

There are many innovations in PPE, particularly in the use of new materials that are lighter, stronger and more durable.

Safety helmets, gloves and shoes, for example, are made of “breathable materials” to improve comfort.

Some garments are reinforced with Teflon for better shock absorption. Let’s take the example of gloves as certain materials are preferred depending on the intended use: Latex for chemical products, Neoprene for acids and certain solvents, Nitrile for mechanical risks and hydrocarbons, polyethylene (with a very high molar mass) for anti-cutting gloves, etc.

As for some shoe parts or the helmet’s chin straps that are designed to avoid friction. Thanks to these constant innovations, the PPE is always more efficient, comfortable and nicer to wear.

In order to adapt your team’s equipment to the best of your ability, you need to keep an eye on innovation.

Staying on the lookout is the first step in getting information, comparing and testing a product.

Get informed

Before making any purchase, it is important to find out about the product(s) we may be planning to buy. Moreover, the trader has to provide you with certain information about the product/service. Among other things, they must provide a detailed description, including price, the MOQ (minimum quantity), the conditions of purchase, refund, etc.


In today’s world of security, it can be interesting to compare different products of the same type with the aim of acquiring the one that will best meet your expectations and requirements in terms of quality/price. Asking for samples and validating them before buying is therefore essential.

Before buying a product, we advise you to draw up a table of the products and the different received offers in order to compare the pros and cons of the different companies more easily.

It is advisable to draw up a list of your needs in order to select the one that will best meet your what you desire. Don’t forget to ask for a new price offer for each potential order. The PPE sector is very competitive and prices are constantly being re-evaluated. This will also give you the opportunity to negotiate downwards if prices have risen sharply.

Try out

Keep in mind these products are meant to protect you. Having the opportunity to test them is therefore a non-negligible MUST HAVE. The objective behind the testing phase is to identify potential risks before making a major expense, but above all to ensure the quality of the protection that your colleagues will use.

The second and final step is acquisition.

Once you have completed the previous three phases, have all the necessary information and your products have been validated by you and your team, it is time to order it.

We hope that these few tips will help you in your efforts of keeping security at a high level.

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