Discover our range of coveralls offering complete protection against particles and liquids. You can choose between different models of type 4 and 6 medical suits. All these suits comply with European standards.

Which protective medical suit to choose ?

There are different types of medical suits, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Type 4 and 6 suits provide full head to toe protection and are those available at XML MED as per European standards requirements. Type 4 coveralls are ideal for use in agricultural settings and the chemical industry in addition to the healthcare sector. They offer protection against chemical sprays according to the EN 14605. Type 6 coveralls provide protection against fine chemical sprays and splashes. This protection is however limited in time and corresponds to the EN 13034 standard. Whatever combination you choose, make sure it fits you comfortably and that you can move around easily. It is also important to ensure that the suit is easy to remove in an emergency.

What coveralls are available ?

You can choose between three different types of coveralls on the XML MED website. All protective suits are disposable garments that should not be reused.

Among the protective suits, you can choose between the following products:

  • The type 4 protective suit covers the entire body with its hood. It can be kept for two years from its production date.
  • The sewn type 6 protective coverall does not have a hood and can be used for up to five years after its production date.
  • The thermosealed Type 6 protective coverall does not include a hood either. It can also be used within five years of its production date.

Note that both types of Type 6 suits are produced in Europe. All suits are white in color and are available in two sizes : L (182cm x 108cm) and XL (188cm x 116cm). To maintain the integrity of the suits, it is essential to keep them in a place at room temperature, well ventilated and clean.