Disposable protective gowns

Discover our range of gowns. We offer you different models of isolation, disposable, surgical gowns,… All our products follow the European standards.

Disposable gowns for optimum hygiene of medical staff and patients.

Disposable gowns are essential for ensuring the safety and hygiene of patients and medical staff. They provide effective protection against infectious agents and splashes of body fluids.

The disposable gowns available on our site are designed for professional use, including in the medical sector. They are available in all standard sizes (S, M, L and XL).

What are the advantages of disposable gowns?

Whether it’s a surgical gown or an isolation gown, they act as a barrier against contamination, particularly cross-contamination. They offer optimum protection and prevent the spread of infectious agents.

Disposable gowns are practical and maintenance-free. They have waist and neck ties and jersey cuffs, making them comfortable to wear.

They are resistant to penetration by moist bacteria, solid particles and contaminated liquids.

How to choose a medical gown?

The choice will depend on the level of protection required and its specific use. Those made from SMS (spunbond – meltblown – spunbond) offer greater resistance than those made from PP (polypropylene). PP + PE (polypropylène + polyéthylène) gowns offer superior protection to SMS gowns. They are waterproof, which makes them particularly effective against liquid substances, but they may be less comfortable to wear.

The grammage also influences the level of protection offered.

It is also important to take account of existing standards depending on the level of protection required. For example, EN 14605 provides protection against liquid chemicals, while EN 14126 guarantees protection against infectious agents. All our gowns comply with European quality standards.

To ensure your comfort, opt for a gown that combines lightness and breathability, and offers a perfect fit thanks to its adjustable waist and neck ties.