Discover our entire range of masks on this page. We offer you different models of FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks, surgical masks as well as anti-fog masks. All our masks comply with European standards.

How to choose the right mask?

Choosing a mask depends of course on the use you are going to have of it. If you are looking for a general purpose mask, FFP2 masks are for example very effective accessories. They protect against solid and liquid particles and filter at least 94% of aerosols.

For more specific needs, we also offer surgical masks and anti-fog masks. Surgical masks protect against blood and bodily fluids while anti-fog masks are also surgical masks that prevent fogging of goggles.

It’s a good idea to choose a mask that fits your face well and completely covers your nose and mouth.

The different types of masks and their specificities

The surgical mask

Regarding the choice of a surgical mask, you should know that all models provide effective protection against the projection of droplets such as saliva. Three models are available on the site:

  • The type 1 surgical mask has a bacteria filtration system that is more than 95% efficient.
  • The type II surgical mask offers even more complete protection with its over 98% effective bacterial protection system.
  • The type IIR surgical mask is the ultimate in surgical masks. In addition to a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%, it is also very resistant to splashes.

Anti-fog mask

Anti-fog masks are surgical masks that also boast 98% bacteria filtration and splash resistance.

The type IIR anti-fog mask has ear loops and is distinguished by its anti-fog strip located on its upper part. The type IIR anti-fog mask with faceshield is certainly the most complete anti-fog surgical mask. The visor acts as a real shield that covers the entire face.

Protective mask

Protective masks are also designed to protect people from airborne infections. The protective masks we offer are FFP2 or FFP3 masks which filter at least 94% of aerosols. FFP3 masks are the most efficient protective masks, they filter more than 99% of aerosols.

For FFP2 protective masks, it is possible to choose a classic filter protective mask or duckbill protective mask. The FFP3 protective mask is only available in duckbill.