Which one's the best, mask or visor ?

15 June 2021
Mask or visor, which protection would be the best protection against Covid-19? Mandatory since a few months, As masks have become mandatory for a couple of months, we know that masks are one of the best means of protection against the coronavirus. Recently, protective visors have also showed up. But which one is the more effective?

The mask

Whatever your professional sector and/or type of mask you wear on a daily basis type II, type IIR, FFP2, here are the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages

  • Filters particles between 95% and 99%.
  • Very useful and efficient protective measure

The disadvantages

  • Discomfort feeling
  • Disposable in a dustbin – to be replaced every 4 hours for optimal filtration
  • Can cause pimples or redness
Today there are different types of masks : type I, II and IIR. In this category, anti-fog masks with or without a visor have been developed, and have shown a high efficiency and comfort for people wearing glasses. On the other hand, the FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks are recognisable by their shape. There are half masks, duckbeak masks and cup masks. Each mask has its own type of protection and is suitable for each sector.

The visor

As for the masks, visors are also adapted to each sector. We offer 2 types of visors, a classic protective visor and a second anti-fog visor so that everyone, regardless of their sector, can work without being hampered.

The advantages

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Does not hamper breathing
  • No need to readjust them
  • Less direct contact with your face
  • Easier to clean than reusable masks
  • Extra eye coverage
  • Does not cover mouth nor nose, which is useful for hearing impaired
  • Makes non-verbal communication possible

The disadvantages

  • Allows side leakage as it is open at the sides
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not recommend the use of the visor for daily activities or as a substitute for protective clothing.
  • Does not protect others if you are ill
  • Effective against large particles but not against smaller ones that easily slip through
The visor has many advantages, but it still is not enough on its own. However, it is a real plus to wear it in addition to a mask for maximum protection (without forgetting the barrier gestures). “When you wear a face shield, you are less likely to touch your face,” observes Amesh Adalja, a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

By wearing your mask and visor, you completely protect your face from all types of particles. As Erin Sorrell of the Center for Global Health Science and Security (CGHSS) notes, “We don’t have enough large-scale data to show the real effectiveness of visors against Covid-19 compared to masks. »

If you were to wear a visor, you should do it in addition to and not instead of, a face mask. In the absence of more scientific research, the mask remains your best ally against Covid-19, in addition to perfect sanitary gestures and social distancing.
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