Stomatology: how to choose my PPE?

10 February 2022

As in all medical sectors, it is difficult to find quality PPE’S that are respond to our expectations. This is why we propose you to browse through this article which will help you, in all transparency, to choose the reference that best suits you.

Today, the XML MED team is highlighting 4 products specially chosen for you, stomatologist.

Hands being one of the main sources of microbes, it is obvious that gloves are necessary when in contact with your patients’ mouths.

The choice of gloves can be complicated. Here are three references that we suggest.

  • Nitrile: These Nitrile gloves now have a new hypoallergenic formula for increased softness and comfort and are even closer to latex gloves in terms of elasticity, tactile sensitivity and performance. They are widely used in the health and food sectors. Our flagship product, the one we recommend to you as a stomatologist.
  • Synmax vinyl: A vinyl-hybrid base that uses latex-like properties, giving you increased tactile sensitivity. Non-sterile, elastic and strong, they offer useful protection in a wide range of applications.
  • Vinyl PVC: To help you work safely and comfortably, these are non-sterile, powder-free vinyl gloves so you don’t have to wash your hands. 100% synthetic, they are a very good alternative for people with type I allergies.

The mask is designed to protect you. We are talking about liquid, solid and airborne particles.

As you already know, there are different kinds of masks available today. We distinguish 2 categories. Surgical masks and respiratory protection masks (FFP: “Filtering Facepiece particles”).

We find the surgical mask, type I, II, IIR, or anti-fog. This mask mainly allows to avoid the possible projection of droplets from the wearer to his entourage.

On the other hand, we find the FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks. They are recognisable by their shape. These masks protect both the people around them and the wearer by not allowing any particles to pass through thanks to their air filtration.


For more information, do not hesitate to consult our article “What to choose, the mask or the visor?

SMS, PP, S2? There is a multitude of materials and degrees of protection.

What we propose here are protective gowns for single use, comfortable, waterproof, sterile or not, reinforced or not, with or without jersey.  As you can see, we have them for everyone.

Our articles “Which gown to choose” and “Which gowns do we offer to the medical sector” will tell you more about the specificities of each of these gowns.

Whether it’s a cap, hat or surgical cap, work with confidence and lightness.


These unisex, single-use and comfortable products will allow you to benefit from optimal protection during surgery in the best conditions.

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